Frequently asked questions

About US
What is the best dividend stocks

We cannot say. We are not registered financial advisors. We may write our opinions and show grades however we strongly suggest to do your own research before buying any stock. Feel free to explore stocks in our "Dividend ideas" page.

Is my data secured? How it is handled?

We use AWS from Amazon to store your data. This is the same grade of security as uses.

Your sensitive data and passwords are handled by Firebase from Google so you can enjoy the same security grade as in Google products. These data are not even touching our servers

Your payment information is also handled independently with Stripe which is one of the best-secured payment gateways in the world.

We also don’t sell your data to different entities or share it with any other subject.

How much costs?

The basic version of is free and accessible for everyone to democratize investing and access to information. A lot of features may be available only with a registration that is free forever. For people who want to support us, there is a premium plan which unlocks all features. A premium plan is $64 per year or $7 per month. The premium plan includes a 7-day free trial during which you can test the service without needing to pay anything.

Who is behind

Red Ram Technology OÜ (n. 16173168) is 100% owner and operator of We are an EU-based company registered in Estonia. Our founders are from Czechia and Slovakia. We operate under strict EU regulations and welcome people from all over the world to participate in the global investing community.

Is there a mobile app?

For iOS: While viewing click on share icon in Safari and then select "Add to home screen"

For android: While viewing click on browser settings (three dots next to URL bar) and then select "Add to home screen"

There is currently no standalone app but you can use our progressive web app as shortcut and add it to your phone screen. It will behave same as mobile app and provide you easier access for viewing your stocks.

How watchlists works

Watchlists are the simple multi-purpose list of stocks. You can create your own lists with custom names and use them for a wide range of uses. There are two modes in which watchlist can operate. Tracking mode (which enables you to specify the number of each stock) or non-tracking mode (default, there is no possibility to specify the number of stocks). Tracking mode can be used as a simple portfolio tracker while later mode can be used as a simple "shopping list" or for categorization of stocks you follow.

How dividend portfolio tracker works

Our portfolio tracker is simply the most powerful tool for any dividend investor. You can specify your exact transactions and therefore calculates advanced stats like the yield on cost or total return of portfolio.

Tracker also keep track of upcoming dividend payments for all holdings in your portfolio. Each payment can be either confirmed or estimated by our algorithms which consider historical data. You can see the status of each payment in your monthly income overview.

To manage your transactions you need to visit the transaction page, where you can see an overview of all your transactions and you can also delete them in case you made mistake.

How dividend calculator works

To begin the calculation process, add stocks you want in your calculation. You can add up to 3 stocks as free unregistered users and up to 10 as a premium user.

Once complete, you can set your custom settings or leave it as it is. Almost all values can be changed. Only dividend growth is automatically calculated as the weighted average of 3 years growth of your selected stocks.

The calculation takes dividend payout history, growth, current yield into consideration. Reinvesting & additional investments are simulated to loosely preserve the ratio of your stock. The price growth of stocks is also counted with.

Refer a friend
Is there any time limit for a referred person to subscribe?

No. Once they register with your link they will always count as your referral.

Is there any limit to how many people I can invite?

Currently, there is no hard limit and you can invite more people. Your bonuses will add and there will be special bonuses for people who invite more than one person in the future.

What does a referred person need to do?

A referred person needs to visit the website with your unique link you can find in your account detail and create an account. When a referred person subscribes to a premium account you both get the bonus.

Do I need to be a premium user to be eligible for a free premium when referring someone?

No. You will get 3 months even if you are currently using a free tariff. If you are already a premium user you will get additional months to your current premium.

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