The easiest way to keep everything in sync

You can update your portfolio manually or with an automatic link to your brokerage account. The process is simple and only takes a few clicks. After you link your account, we will check your transactions every 24 hours and calculate new data for your portfolio.

Supported brokers

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Charles Schwab
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Trade station
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Wealthsimple trade
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Security and privacy is committed to security and privacy. Therefore, we do not use any advertising on our site and regularly look for what we can do for our users in this regard. Portfolio synchronization is no exception. We use Passiv's SnapTrade service to connect.
Read about Passiv security measures

Our security measures

We never hold your login or personal data. Authentication is done through oAuth. Read more about oAuth
All information is encrypted at rest and in transit. only downloads the absolute minimum data necessary for our product to function.
All our data are stored in US servers.

The data that your broker provides to us via a secure API

  • Stock ID
  • Type of trade
  • Amount of shares
  • Price per share
  • Trade timestamp (date)
  • Currency
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