Dividend investing blog

4 Reasons to Track Your Income

17th October 2021

Dividend investing is great way to get passive income. With each stock purchase, you are building your passive income. At the beginning, you get just a few dollars, but this will evolve into something big after some time. 

New portfolio tracker calendar

10th September 2021

The new portfolio calendar provides a quick & easy overview of what is happening in the next 30 days.

3 dividend stocks from the Netherlands to watch

7th September 2021

Dividend.watch integrated Amsterdam Euronext stock exchange. It is possible to track and do calculations with all 170 stocks listed on AS exchange in our dividend calculator and portfolio tracker.

Dividend increases 2021 (Q1 vs Q2)

31st August 2021

We bring you dividend increases insight where we compare in which sectors are the most of dividend increases in comparison Q1 to Q2.

2 Dividend aristocrats to boost your returns

2nd August 2021

When it comes to dividend aristocrats there are so many options out there to choose from, that most investors do not know where to start. Read more.

New portfolio tracker

28th July 2021

We have released a new version of our portfolio tracker. This major update will give your a whole new perspective on your investment and help you achieve your investing goals!

The leading dividend stocks with growth

24th July 2021

Dividend stocks with growth can act as a good backbone to any investor’s dividend portfolio, as you get exposure to more growth on your passive income.

The Top Dividend Aristocrats ETFs

30th June 2021

Sometimes picking individual dividend stocks is difficult, time-consuming, and often confusing.

Dividend stocks that pay monthly

23rd June 2021

There are many dividend stocks to choose from, but which ones can pay you monthly? Here are some ideas for when you begin to build your monthly dividend portfolio.

Portfolio tracker updates

9th June 2021

Portfolio management is sometimes a hard job to do but it is a very important one. Tracking your portfolio with Dividend.watch never been easier.

Dividend stocks in Australia

13th March 2021

Explore these great dividend stocks in Australia

How to calculate dividend yield

4th March 2021

🚀Calculating dividend yield is not rocket science. We break down basic aspects of calculating dividend yield and how you can use it for your strategy.

February 2021 product update

2nd March 2021

We decided to share the product updates not only with our subscribers but also with all visitors through a blog post. We hope it brings more clarity to you.

Most Valuable REIT stocks to consider in 2021

24th January 2021

REIT sector (Real Estate Investment Trust) has made an immense fortune for many and has been a well sought after sector to earn high income with limited risk.

French dividend stocks

21st January 2021

We have recently integrated the Euronext Paris stock exchange into Dividend.watch enabling French dividend stocks to be used in our dividend calculator and portfolio tracker. These are some companies worth looking into.

Interesting dividend stocks in Canada

4th January 2021

We have recently integrated the Toronto stock exchange into Dividend.watch enabling thousands of Canadian dividend stocks to be used in our dividend calculator and portfolio tracker. If you not sure where to start with your investing research, we created this small list of 4 dividend stocks and 1 REIT which are listed on TSE and provide solid dividend income.

Is Pfizer dividend stock interesting?

17th December 2020

The pharmaceutical giants Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) and Moderna, which were the first to develop vaccines against covid-19, will collect over $ 32 billion next year. That's according to estimates by investment banks Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. 

Our favourite EU broker for dividend investors

17th December 2020

We got a lot of questions about broker selection. This is an essential part of a successful investing strategy for any dividend investor and we did a lot of research because of it.

How much would I need to invest to live of a dividends?

9th December 2020

Living off of dividends sounds both highly exciting as well as complicated. It is quite a daunting task to find a stock where you can earn consistent dividend income.

Why you need dividend portfolio tracking

10th June 2020

The road for long-term investing success is… well... long, but it is not impossible. Like with everything, you need to have a goal, the right mindset and the right tools.