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Portfolio tracker update: Intraday data are coming!

18th January 2022

We finally can announce the launch of 15-minute delayed data for the 5 most popular stock exchanges.

Portfolio tracker first steps

18th January 2022

Our portfolio tracker is the most powerful tool for any long-term investor. Our portfolio tracker works with transactions.

What guru investors were buying in Q3/2021

4th December 2021

Guru investors like Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Bill Ackman, George Soros, and Bill Gates are role models for many individual investors thanks to their track performance and knowledge. These investors have their own investment funds, and they should disclose transactions in their portfolio every quarter through the 13F filling report. 

Black Friday selloff: 3 attractively priced dividend kings

27th November 2021

Black Friday is usually about great deals at stores, but this year stock markets are on sale as well! As a new covid variant has been discovered in South Africa, investors are worried about lockdowns. This new B.1.1.529 variant spreads quickly and while there's no evidence of how it will resist vaccines

Realty Income – the monthly dividend machine

23rd November 2021

Realty Income has been paying monthly dividends since its inception in 1969 and has been increasing its dividend every year since 1994 IPO. The company calls itself "The Monthly Dividend Company" 

Johnson & Johnson Breakup: What to do

16th November 2021

Specialization and focus are words that we hear more and more in recent years. Large conglomerates lack necessary focus and decision-making speed as the world is changing so fast.

Abbvie stock analysis and outlook

8th November 2021

AbbVie found its way how to swim in this pool being one of the largest pharma companies currently ranked as #5 based on market capitalization. There's much more to like than just company size.

Single biggest reason why I bet on dividend stocks

1st November 2021

Cryptocurrencies, or hyper-growth stocks like Tesla, can bring you annual returns around 100% to 400%. Why would you invest in boring big companies that pay stable dividends and their growth is more like 5% or 10% per year plus some dividends?

New portfolio holding detail

25th October 2021

We are releasing new version of our popular dividend tracker which now includes redesigned holding details. Check out what is new!

4 Reasons to Track Your Income

17th October 2021

Dividend investing is great way to get passive income. With each stock purchase, you are building your passive income. At the beginning, you get just a few dollars, but this will evolve into something big after some time.