About us

Meet the dividend.watch

Building products for long-term investors and people who are responsible for their financial wealth.

At the end of 2018, we met at a European unicorn startup where we worked as developers. When we started investing our earned money, we realized that the tools offered were not enough and the idea of an independent and simple website for ordinary investors was born - without ads and with a very small learning curve.

We have created a group of people who believe that investing means taking responsibility for your life. We like long-term and meaningful investments - we enjoy being part of great companies.

We believe that anyone should have access to investing. We are part of a new generation of people who are creating professional investment tools not for banks and corporations, but for everyday people who have decided to take control of their finances.

Behind the project

We are a small but effective team of people from different parts of Europe.

  • Aleš Chromec

    Co-Founder / Director

  • Vladimír Jarabica

    Co-Founder / Development

  • Tomáš Píč


  • Juraj Žovinec


  • Jan Kolín

    Product advisor

  • Lily Obadalová

    UX/UI Design

  • Roman Košulič

    Marketing advisor

  • Charlie

    Chief happiness officer

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