How to manage your transactions portfolio?

This guide is applicable for transaction-based manual portfolios only.

Adding New Transactions:
In portfolio you'll find an option to 'Add Transaction.' Click on this to open a new transaction form.

In this form, you'll need to enter details about your investment, such as the stock ticker, the number of shares purchased or sold, the price per share, and the transaction date.

You can add multiple transaction by clicking on "Add new line" and filling out all transactions at once.

Bulk import via .CSV file:

Every broker provides the possibility to export your transaction history in .CSV file. Ensure this file includes key details like stock tickers, share quantities, transaction prices, and dates.

Navigate to the 'Add transactions' form. Look for an 'Bulk upload' and select it.

You will be prompted to upload your .CSV file. Upload the file, and system will process the data. After the upload, the platform will ask you to confirm or map certain fields to ensure the data aligns correctly with your portfolio.

Once confirmed, your transactions will be imported, and your portfolio will be updated to reflect these new transactions, offering an up-to-date view of your investments and dividend performance

You can use bulk import multiple times or use it together with adding manual transactions at will. There are no limits.

Adjusting Current Transactions:
Head to the Transaction tab to edit or delete transactions. Use the filter by ticker feature for quick management, and export transactions if needed.

Adjustments can also be made in holding detail after you click on one of your current holdings.

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