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ARHT Media Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the live and prerecorded holograms with a network of capture and display locations worldwide. Its products include Capsule, a consumer-facing holographic display that is plug-and-play for events in all lighting conditions and can be permanently installed for retail and other consumer or user-facing applications; ARHT Engine, a proprietary technology utilizes a combination of advanced hardware and software, including 3D cameras, motion capture technology, and real-time rendering software to create its holographic displays; and Virtual Global Stage, which allows multiple presenters to interact with one another on the same stage with no latency, appearing much like they would if they were physically next to one another, as well as capture studio, ARHT Hologram Screen, and HoloPod Display. The company also provides various services, including consulting, project management, training in the use of software and technology, and content creation for events.

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