Swedencare AB (publ)
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Health Care
Health care

Swedencare AB (publ), together with its subsidiaries, develops, manufactures, markets, and sells pet healthcare products. It offers ProDen PlaqueOff powder, a food supplement for cats and dogs, which reduce the formation of plaque and tartar; ProDen PlaqueOff dental bites, a pet dental product; ProDen PlaqueOff powder cat; ProDen PlaqueOff dental bones for dogs; ProDen PlaqueOff mini dental care bones, a chewy bone for smaller dogs; and ProDen PlaqueOff soft chews for dogs and cats. The company also provides dietary supplements for cats, dogs, and horses under the NutriScience brand, such as Glucosamine and Stomax used to renew joint cartilage, bones, muscles, ligaments, and sinews; ArthriAid for joints and mobility; KalmAid, which helps to calm nervous dogs; and OmegaAid and RevitalAid, a feed supplement used for healthy skin and coat.

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