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ArcticZymes Technologies ASA, a life sciences company, develops, manufactures, and commercializes recombinant enzymes for use in molecular research, In vitro diagnostics, and biomanufacturing. It offers salt active nuclease for the removal of nucleic acids during manufacturing of viral vectors, recombinant proteins, and other reagents; shrimp alkaline phosphatase for cleanup prior to Sanger sequencing and next generation sequencing processes; cod UNG for use in viral and other molecular diagnostic assays; double-strand specific DNases and derived kits for the removal of double stranded DNA; polymerases for technology development for life science, molecular diagnostics, NGS, and synthetic biology; proteinase for microbiological diagnostics and liquid biopsies; and ligases for joining nucleic acids. It operates in Norway, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, other countries in Europe, the United States, and internationally.

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