10th Sep 2021

New portfolio tracker calendar

Whether you’re just tipping toes in investing waters, you are investing professional, or someone who preparing for retirement, you most likely spend a good chunk of your time to stay informed about your portfolio and investments.

We’ve covered a lot of those needs with different tools and today we are excited to tell you about a new tool we are adding to our portfolio tracker. The new portfolio calendar provides a quick & easy overview of what is happening in the next 30 days in your portfolio.

Here is a dividend calendar FAQ

What you can find in the calendar:
We are now displaying three basic events. There will be more data coming in the future. You can find these events in one super-simple view and have an instant overview in one look. Supported events are:

  • Dividend payouts
  • Dividend ex-dates
  • Earnings reports

How often you pull new data:
These data are refreshed once every trading day (from Monday to Friday).

What is the amount of the dividend payout displayed in the calendar:
This is the sum of payouts on a given day displayed in your portfolio currency.

We hope you will like this feature. Checkout dividend calendar in our portfolio tracker

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