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As investor, you must escape the noise from news, social networks, etc. The same principle applies for your Portfolio analysis, less is more, but with quick and focused analysis. Thanks, DW for making my life easy.
Yesterday by accident I found this website on Google. Yet another portfolio tracker app... I thought, but decided to give it a try. After adding a few stocks into my desirable fictitious portfolio, I realized that this was exactly what I was looking for!
I love your website and all the investing tools. It gives me a perfect view of my actual and future situation. I think tools are the best at the moment.

Get instant overview of your dividend investment


Safety first. Every dividend portfolio needs a solid diversification across sectors. You also shouldn’t pick just a few stocks; always try to find new opportunities.

Dividend yield

Many dividend investors make one mistake. They simply calculate the average yield. To get precise number you need a weighted average yield, which counts with a number of shares and gives your precise dividend yield.

Yield on cost

The current dividend yield is a good thing to know. In the long run, it is not calculating the real yield of your investment. The yield on cost represents the real yield of your investment, so if you bought a stock during a dip, you would have a bigger yield than if you bought it for a current price.

Yearly income

This is the simplest but also the most-watched metric. What is the real amount of money you get from your dividend portfolio? It should always be calculated per year because different stocks have different frequencies of payouts

Total return

The total return is not a key metric for dividend growth investors, but it is still worth knowing what a real return of your portfolio is, so you have a general overview of performance and know where you stand.

Dividend updates

You should have the possibility to see everything that is going on with your portfolio. Are there any dividend cuts? Is there a big price surge? Also, it is a great thing just to see your dividend come; we believe that it reinforces good financial habits and helps you to stay focused on the goal.