Sedana Medical AB (publ)
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Health Care
Health care

Sedana Medical AB (publ), a medical technology company, develops, markets, and sells medical devices in Sweden and internationally. The company offers Sedaconda ACD-L and Sedaconda ACD-, which are disposable medical devices that enables the administration of volatile anesthetics; Sedaconda Syringe, a 50/60ml syringe; Sedaconda ACD starter kit; FlurAbsorb and FlurAbsorb-S, which are active carbon filters to capture waste anaesthetic gases from the exhaust of the ventilator; FlurAbsorb accessory kit comprising accessories to connect the exhaust of the ventilator and the gas monitor to the FlurAbsorb/FlurAbsorb-S; and FlurAbsorb mount to hold the filter during scavenging of anesthetic gas. It also provides AMG-06 Gas Monitor for continuous non-invasive sidestream monitoring of CO2 and anaesthetics concentration in inspired and expired gases; Sedaconda Filling Adapter, a single-use device for safe and easy extraction of isoflurane from a Sedaconda bottle to a Sedaconda Syringe; and various accessories comprising DRYLINE II Water Traps, WaterLock 2 water trap, Nafion Dryer Tubing, and Respiratory Gas Monitoring Line.

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