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Biohit Oyj, a biotechnology company, produces diagnostic tests and analysis systems for use in research institutions and healthcare industries worldwide. The company's diagnostic tests product range includes the GastroPanel test for diagnosing diseases of the stomach and associated risks; Biohit Active B12, a test for measuring the levels of active vitamin B12; Biohit Total, an indicator of vitamin D status; Biohit Calprotectin, a test for measuring human calprotectin; Helicobacter Pylori Quick Test and Helicobacter Pylori UFT300 Quick Test, a test methods to detect H. pylori infection from a biopsy sample during gastroscopy; ColonView Quick Test, a test for detection of fecal occult blood; Lactose Intolerance Quick Test; Celiac Disease Quick Test; and The GA-map Dysbiosis test, a gut microbiota DNA analysis tool. It also provides monoclonal antibodies for use in cellular pathology, neurobiology, oncology, and human gastric biomarkers research.

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