9th Aug 2019

Friday tip for a three stable dividend paying stocks

Magellan Midstream Partners

The company main revenue stream is from the transport, distribution, and storage of refined oil. It has a good position in the market. The biggest advantage is a quality pipeline network that connects refineries with customers such as petrol stations and railways. Thanks to a surprisingly stable market, the company can raise prices continuously. The company provides more than 40% of the refined products in the seven states out of the 15 in which it operates, and with projected steady demand. There will not be a competitor which is able to build a pipeline of the same size to jeopardize the company's dominant position.

Magellan Midstream Partners dividends

Jack Henry & Associates

This is a mostly software development company working on operating software that is used by small to medium-sized banks and credit unions as a general ledger. Replacing such an important system in a financial institution is extremely costly, which favors the company's competitive position. In addition, every new customer entails selling additional services to the business, such as online banking or web-based payment.

Jack Henry & Associates dividends

Microsoft Corporation

There is no need to introduce Microsoft. It’s currently one of the best-diversified companies. Besides its operating system business, it has big gaming, cloud, and services business making it a very stable company capable of surviving things that many competitors from the sector wouldn’t. It has currently a relatively small dividend of around 1% but expecting revenues a bright future make it a good choice.

Microsoft corporation dividends

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