18th Jan 2022

Portfolio tracker update: Intraday data are coming!

15-minute price refresh instead of 24 hours

We finally can announce the launch of 15-minute delayed data for the 5 most popular stock exchanges. This means that instead of the day closing price we'll use 15-minutes intervals to update stock prices and re-calculate portfolio value and additional metrics. We hope this will provide our users with even more precise data and help them to use our portfolio tracker as their daily companion.

A shorter 15-minute interval is now available with these stock exchanges:

  • UK: London Stock Exchange (LSE)
  • Canada: Toronto stock exchange (TO)
  • Germany: Deutsche Börse (Xetra)

Other exchanges will follow, we are working hard to bring 15-minute refresh intervals primarily on European exchanges now.

Improved design and features

Dividend.watch is mainly a portfolio tracker and the new design will reflect that. We made over 15 changes and improvements.

Most important changes:

- New search bar which allows you to quickly add stock to watchlist or to dividend calculator with one click

- The portfolio status bar which shows time were last updated

- Added "Day change" to portfolio holding so you can see the biggest daily movers of your portfolio

- Portfolio holdings have a new polished design both on mobile and desktop which increase readability

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