18th Jan 2022

Portfolio tracker first steps

What is a portfolio tracker and how it works

Our portfolio tracker is the most powerful tool for any long-term investor. Our portfolio tracker works with transactions. This means that you need to add transactions based on your brokerage activity. This is needed for precise calculations and enables us to show you interesting stuff. For example capital return on each of your transactions.

To simplify this you can easily add multiple transactions at once (just click on "Add new line" in Add transactions window) or use our .CSV import tool.

Metrics that are calculated automatically

Once we have your broker transactions our system can generate a lot of useful numbers that would usually take a large amount of time to calculate. These data are refreshed every 24 hours. Prices for most of the stocks are refreshed every 15 minutes when stock exchanges are open.

Dividend yield
Weighted average dividend yield.

Yield on cost
Weighted dividend yield based on your purchases and current dividend yield.

Dividend income so far
How much dividends you received in total.

Annual income
Dividends are expected to be paid in the next 12 months.

Portfolio value
The current value of all assets in a portfolio.

The total return of the portfolio
The total return is capital return, dividends, and sales realized.

Portfolio calendar
In the calendar tab, you can see upcoming ex-dates, payouts, and company income reports for the next 30 days.

In the diversification tab, you can see the pie chart of all your holdings from different perspectives. Not only sector but also dividend performance or growth.

Portfolio tracker settings

Learn how to customize your portfolio tracker experience.

Portfolio name
You can create multiple portfolios and watchlists. You can also rename them to keep everything organized.

Portfolio currency
USD is the default but you can change it according to your needs.

Withdrawal tax (premium)
Set a default dividend tax for all holdings in the portfolio. If you need to adjust specific holding, you can override it in holding detail.

Weekly summary
Every Saturday you will get an e-mail summary of new events in your portfolio and price changes. You can turn it on or off for specific portfolios.

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