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Portfolio: Holdings vs. transactions tracking

Our portfolio tracker is one of the best you can find online. It has become a popular tool not only among dividend investors but also among people who prefer other investment styles.

Many people have wanted to use our tools but have found that they cannot find their old transactions or that the broker simply does not show them. This left them without the ability to use our algorithms to predict dividend payments and calculate a number of useful numbers.

Our team got to work and now we can announce that we have released a new version of our tracker which adds a new tracking option. We've named it holding based tracking. With this type of tracking you can:

  • Automatically calculate dividends (no history)
  • Investment calendar
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Complete calculations regarding the state of your portfolio (without historical summary)

This type is much faster because you only enter current positions. But you can still use 90% of our product. Advanced investors who need more accurate data can still use our primary tracking type and that is transaction tracking.

Here you can see the visual difference between holding-based and transaction-based:

This is what entering transactions in a transaction-based portfolio looks like:

This is what entering transactions in a holding-based portfolio looks like:

Just enter the ticker and number of shares. If you also want to calculate holding return, yield on cost and complete portfolio return, you also need to fill in Average purchase price (but this is optional!)

We hope this will make it easier for even more investors to get access to advanced investment tools that are free or fairly priced for the average retail investor. This is our mission and our passion.

Try tracker here:

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