17th Dec 2020

Our favourite EU broker for dividend investors

Our favourite EU broker for dividend investors

We got a lot of questions about broker selection. This is an essential part of a successful investing strategy for any dividend investor. We did a lot of research, not only because of these questions we got but also for our personal use as we are enthusiastic dividend investors and we are based in the EU.

We searched for a suitable partner for several weeks and then finally decided to start recommending Degiro to our users in the dividend calculator. Degiro is a broker based in the Netherlands and it's amongst the cheapest brokers in the EU zone. 

Here is why we made the decision:

  • Very low fees (especially for US stocks)
  • Access to over 50 stock exchanges all over the world
  • Nice trading web-based trading platform and mobile app

DEGIRO is a known name for many investors in Europe. The reason is simple. It is rated among the best online brokers with more than 66 international awards.

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