Dividend calendar

= up to 3 biggest major companies (by market cap) that have ex-dividend date on specific day

Dividend calendar

Dividend ex-date is one of the most important dates when looking at the dividend calendar. When a company announces a dividend this is the date when you must own shares of a company to receive the dividend.

Ex-Dividend date

Most often it is set a few days before the date of record which is the day on which the company that issued the dividend acknowledges all its shareholders who will receive the dividend. Companies listed on a stock exchange must follow strict rules when setting the record date and record date.

Dividend capture strategy

Is a special dividend strategy which is very time sensitive. It involves buying shares of a company just a few hours or a day before ex-date and then selling all shares or part of shares when a dividend is paid. Please note this strategy is harder than it seems as prices usually rise a little bit before dividend ex-date and decrease a little bit after a dividend is paid out.