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JEPI: One of the most beloved dividend ETFs

JEPI is one of the most popular dividend ETFs. Created by JPMorgan and popular amongst a broad spectrum of dividend-oriented investors. Today we will look at what is this fund and how the money is earned for its shareholders.

JEPI origins and history

JEPI dividend ETF is the heir to a famous product earlier offered by JP Morgan to only their top clients. Fund was primarily for very wealthy clients who wanted a stable passive income from stocks and investments but also did not want to be bothered with maintaining a large diversified stock portfolio.

The original product required a $1 million minimum investment and required manuall approval to invest. But now the broad market have access to this product.

How JEPI earns money

First source of income is buying shares of companies, and passing 100% of the dividends on to its holders. The portfolio consists only of companies where JP Morgan is long on the ticker.

Second source of income is through the usage of covered calls and collecting premiums from options trading.

JEPI dividend calculator

If you want to calculate dividend we reccomend to use our dividend calculator.

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