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Advanced Blockchain AG focuses on promoting, building, and investing in the blockchain industry. It operates FinPro, a digital asset investment platform; Polkadot, a decentralized web 3.0 blockchain interoperability platform; Element Finance, an open-source protocol for fixed and variable yield markets; Obol, an infrastructure for Ethereum; Energy Web Foundation that promotes value creation in the energy sector; Manta Network, which provides a DEX that alleviates these issues through zk-SNARKS and other enhanced data security solutions; and Tracebloc, a blockchain and machine learning based platform to reduce production line scrap. The company also offers ethereum virtual machines; Arweave that enables permanent storage of images, websites, and various features of the internet; Fractal, an open-source protocol for exchanging data; Stela Labs, a smart contract auditing solution; for web 3.0 research; and SigmaDex, a self-stabilizing, community driven, and game theory enhanced liquidity protocol services.

In addition, it operates Sentinel dVPN, an open-sourced, decentralized virtual private network application; zCloak Network, a Zero-Knowledge proof as a service for the polkadot network; Apricot Finance, a collateralized loan platform; Talisman, a multi-chain wallet; and Fei Protocol that resolves existing issues in this space by offering decentralized model with a price stabilized based on token demand and direct incentives. Further, the company offers Polymer for building and operating inter-blockchain communication infrastructure; NEAR Protocol, a smart contract platform; Moxy, a decentralized gaming studio; Fragcolor, an interoperable gaming protocol; Myso Finance, a zero-liquidation loans; Forest Park, an operating system for institutional lenders; and Backd, a reactive liquidity that enables users to perform on their liquidity based on their defined events. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Berlin, Germany.

Address: Scharnhorststrasse 24, Berlin, Germany, 10115

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