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Nucletron Electronic Aktiengesellschaft, together with its subsidiaries, manufactures, distributes, and sells technology components, subsystems, and systems. The company distributes klystrons, thyratrons, RF tubes, high and low voltage relays, fiber optic components and couplers, optical measurement systems, magnetrons, microwave and traveling wave tubes, Peltier elements, and thermally conductive foils and materials for use in power electronics, electro optics, instrumentation, microwave and RF shielding, and thermal management applications. It also distributes high voltage relays and hermetically sealed contactors for use in ESD test systems, testing equipment, electric vehicles and commuter trains, power supplies, battery charging and management systems, RF and communication systems, solar and wind power plants, and heavy commercial vehicles, as well as power supply systems for use in mining, petroleum, and shipbuilding industries.

In addition, the company offers industrial electronics products, such as diodes, regulators, converters, thyristors, varistors, arrays and capacitors, fiber optic components, and industrial adhesives for use in protection, power management, HF and analog technology, fiber optics, and silicone-based connection technology products. Further, it manufactures and sells inductive components; and develops and markets EMC and EMP overvoltage protection systems and fine protection arrays for use in analog and digital technology. The company was founded in 1954 and is based in Munich, Germany.

Nucletron Electronic Aktiengesellschaft is a subsidiary of Bernd Luft Familien-Vermögensverwaltung GmbH.

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