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Reconstruction Capital II Limited specializes in growth capital investments through its Private Equity Program and Trading Program. Through its Private Equity Program, it seeks to invest in both private and listed companies. The firm primarily invests in consumer plays which includes retail, consumer services, and FMCG distribution; other services including financial, communications, logistics, and media; light infrastructure; light manufacturing which includes consumer products and food; and real estate development.

It seeks to invest in companies established and/or operating primarily in Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and neighboring countries. The firm seeks a controlling stake in its portfolio companies. Typically, it acquires a minimum 20 per cent equity stake in each investee company, although, if possible, it will seek to obtain voting control of the target.

The firm seeks to exit its investment through trade sale, break up and subsequent disposal of different divisions or assets, or a flotation on a stock exchange. Under the Trading Program, the firm seeks to invest in initial public offerings (IPOs) of newly privatized companies, private and listed equity securities and fixed-income securities, including undervalued equity securities, convertible and other mezzanine instruments issued primarily by Romanian and Bulgarian entities. It prefers to invest 70 percent of its assets in Romania and approximately 30 percent of its assets in Bulgaria and neighboring countries.

The firm will not take significant or controlling stakes in investee companies and will typically hold investments for shorter periods of time.

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