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Braveheart Investment Group plc is a private equity and venture capital firm specializing in seed, start-up, early stage, growth stage, expansion stage, growth capital, turnaround, restructuring, management buy-out, management buy-in, spinout, loan and mezzanine funding, and follow-on and secondary purchase stage investments in unquoted emerging companies. It also provides equity & equity-linked investments in growth, small and medium sized enterprises and B2B. The firm does not invest in any project involved in shipbuilding, coal, or steel sector; is involved in dealing in land, commodities, futures or the instruments of any holding company that are traded on a stock exchange, wholesale trade or retailing; former ECSC sectors; agriculture, aquaculture, fisheries, synthetic fibre, production; railway, road haulage, maritime and aviation transport companies; banking, insurance, money lending, debt factoring, hire purchase financing and other financial activities; leasing or letting assets on hire; providing legal or accountancy services; operating or managing hotel or nursing or residential care homes, film production, hotels, and property (although this may be considered as part of a wider transaction).

It primarily invests in technology, manufacturing, food and drink, chemical, biosciences, healthcare, creative and digital industries, information and communications technology/software/telecoms/media, environmental technologies, financial and business services, sports sector, bio-medical, engineering, materials, information sciences, and computing technology sectors in the higher education sector, retail, and service industry based businesses. It also invests in debt. It typically invests in small and medium enterprises based in United Kingdom and Ireland.

It prefers to invest in Yorkshire and Humber region.

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