Gladstone Land Corp.

Dividend yield
Dividend has grown by 1.62% in last three years.
3.58 %
$0.535 anually
P/E ratio
Payout ratio
Proportion of net income paid out as dividends to shareholders
Company profitability (EPS)
past 12 months
CASH payout ratio
Gladstone Land Corp. last quarter cash income being paid in the form of dividends.
Last quarter
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Stock volatility (Beta)
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Company debt level
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Gladstone Land Corp. description

Gladstone Land Corp. is an agricultural real estate investment trust, which engages in the business of owning and leasing farmland. It also includes farm-related facilities, such as cooling facilities, packinghouses, processing facilities, and various storage facilities. The company was founded by David Gladstone on June 14, 1997 and is headquartered in McLean, VA.

Company profile
Market cap
Small (0.32B)
Company CEO
David J. Gladstone
Price history Gladstone Land Corp.
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LAND dividends payouts
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