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Last updated:09/04/2020
Genel Energy Plc

Genel Energy Plc is a holding company, which engages in the business of oil and gas exploration services. It operates through the following segments: Oil, Miran/Bina Bawi, and Exploration. The Oil segment consists of the exploring fields on the Tawke PSC and the Taq Taq PSC. The MBB segment comprises of the oil and gas upstream and midstream activity on the Miran PSC and the Bina Bawi PSC. The Ex…

Dividend yield
P/E ratio
vs. 4.23x forward
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CASH payout ratio
Stock volatility (Beta)
past 12 months
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Based on missed expected dividend payments we detected that dividend payouts might be suspended. Check the company website for further information.
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Company profile
William George Higgs
Market capitalization
Small (0.55B)