Seagate Technology Plc

Dividend yield
Dividend has grown by 0.71% in last three years.
5.35 %
$2.58 anually
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Payout ratio
Proportion of net income paid out as dividends to shareholders
Company profitability (EPS)
past 12 months
CASH payout ratio
Seagate Technology Plc last quarter cash income being paid in the form of dividends.
Last quarter
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Seagate Technology Plc description

Seagate Technology Plc engages in the development, production, and distribution of data storage products and electronic data storage solutions. Its products include hard disk drives, solid state hybrid drives, solid state drives, peripheral component interconnect express cards, serial advanced technology attachment controllers, storage subsystems and computing solutions. It offers its products under the Backup Plus and Expansion product lines, and Maxtor and LaCie brands.

The company was founded by Finis Conner, Syed Iftikar, Doug Mahon, David Thomas Mitchell, and Alan F.

Company profile
Market cap
Large (12.47B)
Company CEO
William David Mosley
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