Ctrip.com International Ltd.

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Last updated:11/04/2019
Ctrip.com International Ltd.

Ctrip.com International Ltd. engages in the provision of travel-related services. It provides hotel accommodations, airline tickets, packaged tours, corporate travel management services, property management systems, and advertising services. The company was founded by Jian Zhang Lian… Show more

Dividend yield
P/E ratio
vs. 21.83x forward

Price is 49.20x times more than EPS $0.71 which eaquals $34.93

Payout ratio
CASH payout ratio

Stock volatility (Beta)
past 12 months

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warning-signBased on missed expected dividend payments we detected that dividend payouts might be suspended. Check the company website for further information.
CTRP dividends
Latest ex-date
Probably suspended
Company profile
Jane Jie Sun
Market capitalization
Large (19.40B)
CTRP price history
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