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Nippon Carbon Co., Ltd. engages in the manufacture and sale of carbon products in Japan. It offers carbon fiber products, including molded heat insulating materials for high temperature furnaces; CARBORON, a soft felt used in a range of heat insulators for high temperature furnaces; C/C Composite, a lightweight carbon material used in heat resistant composite structural members, high temperature furnace materials, trays, jigs, etc.; and CARBEST, a carbon fiber packing material. The company also provides specialty carbon products, such as isotropic graphite, a graphite material; high purity treatment graphite used for manufacturing device components for silicon semiconductors, compound semiconductors, and optical fibers; carbon products for mechanical components that are used in various fields of science, including electronics, machinery, and the metallurgy industry; VESCOAT, a silicon carbide coated product used for silicon semiconductor, LED, and manufacturing device components for optical fibers; and SC CARBON sliding composites.

In addition, it offers artificial graphite electrodes for use in high-power electric arc furnaces; silicon carbide continuous fibers, such as Nicalon, Hi-Nicalon, and Hi-Nicalon TypeS for use as reinforcement fibers in ceramic composite materials, plastic composite materials, and others; and lithium ion secondary batteries used for cellular and smart phones, NBPC, tablet terminals, power tools, hybrid automobiles, and electric automobiles. Further, the company provides impervious graphite RESBON, a corrosion-resistant material; NICABEADS, which are surface-coated micro bead-shape materials; and NICAFILM, a flexible graphite sheet made from natural graphite. The company was founded in 1915 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Address: 10-7, Hatchobori, Tokyo, Japan, 104-0032

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