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The most advanced dividend calculator on the web

Make better investing choices

Stock dividend calculator works with specific stocks or ETFs. We automatically fill yield, current price and dividend growth!

Enter specific stocks

Stock dividend calculator works with specific stocks or ETFs. We automatically fill yield, current price and dividend growth!

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Our dividend reinvestment calculator is perfect for long-term investing choices. It is integrated with portfolio Dividend tracker so you can adjust your strategy in long-term!

Dividend calculation formulas

Dividend yield
Annual dividend / current price per share = Dividend yield
Yield on cost
Annual dividend / original price per share = Yield on cost
Company payout ratio
Total Dividends / Net Income = Payout Ratio
Investment return formula
(Capital gain + dividend received) / Cost of the investment * 100 = Investment return

Frequently asked questions

  • Calculating dividend income can be tricky, especially if you want to be more precise and count with things like reinvesting and dividend growth. That’s why we build the dividend calculator. Our algorithm can handle both dividend increases and reinvesting dividends to estimate future income.

  • Reinvesting is an easy way how to boost the growth of your portfolio. DRIP is further simplification of reinvesting where you receive more stocks of the company instead of cash. Sometimes even for a better price. If you enable reinvesting option in the calculator, we will automatically reinvest dividends from purchased stocks to buy a new one. During this simulation, our algorithm will rebalance the portfolio to keep original diversification for the whole investing period.

  • Our dividend calculator is powered by our large database containing every dividend payment of most of companies. We simply look at the last three years and calculate what is dividend growth. We then apply this dividend growth in our calculations to estimate future dividend payments based on realistic expectations.

  • Dividend yield is simple to calculate. You just divide the annual dividends paid per share by the price per share. Yield on cost is more complicated and it changes in time. It simply means dividing current dividend yield by the original price you bought stock for and not by the current price. Even low-yield stock can become the high-yielding stock in a few years. You can find dividend yield prediction in the year overview in your dividends calculator results.