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Dividend stock of the week: Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

Healthcare conglomerate belongs to one of the safest dividend stocks you can buy. It was a quite turbulent year for JNJ as there were several scandals (baby powder issues, opioid lawsuits). Market react negatively to these events but stocks are usually back in a few days or weeks because of the simple fact. The company has a huge value and trying to solve all issues effectively. Numbers support that fact. In the past 35 years, Johnson & Johnson increased it’s earnings every time.

The annual JNJ dividend yield is currently around 2.8 %. We also need to state the fact that Johnson & Johnson's dividends are increasing every year for more than 50 years. Johnson & Johnson's main benefit as a dividend stock is great diversification between basic needs segments: Medical devices, Pharmaceutical goods, and Consumer health products. These segments are historically more stable during the financial crises. This makes JNJ:NYSE perfect dividend stock for investors seeking stability and therefore our pick as dividend stock of this week.

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