Dividend investing blog

10th June 2020

Why you need dividend portfolio tracking

The road for long-term investing success is… well... long, but it is not impossible. Like with everything, you need to have a goal, the right mindset and the right tools.

21st May 2020

Dividend Investing: REITs

Diversification is probably one of the most important things for investors of any kind. Many people choose to diversify their portfolio with real estate but that comes with a lot of specific issues. An interesting alternative is Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

8th May 2020

Keep calm with dividend growth investing

Dividend growth investing (or DGI) is an investing style where investors look for companies with stable and growing dividend payments which ensures that investors will generate passive income from their investments regardless of stock price changes.

2nd May 2020

Dividend zombies: More stability in uncertain times

Volatility is not metric only for investors wanting to speculate on short-term price changes. It shows us how a company is perceived by the market and it can be a very interesting number for dividend investors, especially in times of great instability.

15th April 2020

Two unusual dividend stocks to think about during COVID pandemic

Many dividend investors going for utilities, industry, healthcare or the food sector in a time of crisis. These essential companies provide relative stability in the volatile market and much-needed stability. There are a lot of good choices like Abbvie (ABBV) or 3M (MMM) which are greatly diversified and healthy companies.

16th December 2019

Stock of the week: Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

This week we go for geographics diversification and follow advice from JPMorgan analysts for the next year.

7th December 2019

Dividend stock of the week: MSC Industrial Direct

MSC Industrial Direct is an undervalued company right now due to earnings drop, should we believe in its future and promising dividends?

1st December 2019

Dividend stock of the week: Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

Dividend stock of week number 2 is the successful healthcare conglomerate and dividend aristocrat which had the very interesting year of 2019.

27th November 2019

Dividend aristocrats list: Updated for the year 2019

Dividend Aristocrat index was launched in 2005 by Standard and Poors and since then, every year some new companies get added to this privileged list of dividend performers.

24th November 2019

Dividend stock of the week: The York Water Company (YORW)

Every week we pick one interesting dividend stock. This is the week with number 1.

12th October 2019

Dividend reinvesting calculator

What are you doing with your dividends? Are you careful with payouts and have a plan? Let's make a better decision with dividend watch calculator and advanced options.

9th August 2019

Friday tip for a three stable dividend paying stocks

We are witnessing next big events with the trade war. It’s definitely a hard time for speculative types of investors. Today we picked three stable dividend-paying companies.

7th August 2019

3 interesting dividend stocks for a bumpy ride

Stock market is shaking again and as usual, there is growing demand for stable dividend paying stocks that can cover market ups and downs.

15th April 2019

Perfect dividend portfolio: Why bonds matter?

What is role of bonds in dividend portfolio? How big part of pie should they have? Are they safe? We looked on all those questions and hope that we can offer some of the knowledge to you.

11th March 2019

Most advanced dividend calculator

As John Bogle always said: Dividends are investor best friend, or at least one of the closest ones. Dividends are one of the most important factor in long-term investing leading to at least somehow predictable income in volatile stock market. Their compound power is amazing. Dividend Calculator is the number one reason we created the Dividend Watch app.

27th February 2019

Today's most interesting travel stocks

Travel is a clear trend of today. The booming travel industry is growing every year and interesting investment opportunities are not only in airline stocks.